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On the shoulders of emotion, innovation, and consistency, 21 year old producer, singer, and songwriter Prismo has made a name for himself in the scene as a sort of Jack-of-all-trades. With influences from alternative rock, hip-hop, indie dance, and pop – his sound is both unique and undeniably impressive.

His high energy live performances are a combination of all of these influences wrapped into one jaw dropping experience, that keeps audiences engaged and begging for more. He’s run the gamut in Texas having performed at essentially every premier music festival, club and venue in the Lone Star State. His moves in 2017 has him primed to take the next step toward world domination.

Spring 2017 marked the debut of his all new live performance consisting of keys, drums, live vocals, as well as classic DJ mixing. This year his sights are set for the international market where he boasts millions of unique fans and listeners.