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Harmonium is a collection of genuine Debain Harmonium presets made up of various brooding ‘stop’ arrangements, including Sourdin, Bourdon, Clarion, Bassoon, Flute, Clarrinette, Fifre, Hautbois, Celesta and last but not least, Grand Jeu. This Harmonium was built in Paris, 1872 and delivers guts and character as air is bellowed by foot into the brass reeds.

There are seven presets available which were sampled by the Noiiz team at Livingston Studios and performed by organist and conductor Alexander Binns of St Edmundsbury Cathedral. Each of the Harmonium presets vary in timbre and tone, from light and shrill to dramatic, bass-heavy resonance.

Create rising cinematic pads, sharp melodic lines that cut through any mix or play rhythmic folky sequences combined with other instruments. Change the sound entirely using the Noiiz Player’s envelope controls, Space and Delay FX.

Key Features...

  • Multi-sampled Debain Harmonium
  • 7 Individual Presets
  • 3 Octaves sampled + additional notes resampled across entire keyboard range
  • Pitch, filter, drive, delay & reverb for quick effects

Pull out all the stops and download all 7 Harmonium presets with a Noiiz membership and pop us a message with your creations, we’d love to hear what you create!

Made with love by Noiiz.

  • Requires the free Noiiz Player to load
  • 909.1 MB of hard disk space
  • 8 GB of memory is recommended for optimum performance.