by Noiiz
Celesta index 2

Works with the Noiiz Player

Celesta is a unique, beautiful and delicate instrument, faithfully captured with exquisite attention to detail and ready to add intrigue and depth to your music. Originating from the French word for ‘heavenly’, it consists of metal chimes that produce an ethereal, shimmering sound.

You can hear the intricate deer horn felt hammers striking the tuned steel plates, which in turn excite wooden resonators for a crystal clear harmonic tone. Recorded with a pair of Neumann U87s by Noiiz’s production team at Westpoint Studios, London and performed by musician Josh Bevan, the sound quality of this instrument is undeniably inspiring.

Key Features...

  • Multi-sampled Celesta instrument
  • Extensive velocity and round robin layers for ultra-realistic sound
  • 5.5 Octaves sampled + additional notes resampled across entire keyboard range
  • Pitch, filter, drive, delay & reverb for quick effects

We’d love to see where you take the Celesta. Download it with a Noiiz membership and drop us a message with your creations, we’d love to hear what you can do!

Made with love by Noiiz.

  • Requires the free Noiiz Player to load
  • 319 MB of hard disk space
  • 8 GB of memory is recommended for optimum performance.