Welcome to Noiiz


We're Noiiz, nice to meet you! We're an offshoot team from Samplephonics and we're on a mission to build the next generation of music making tools. In this post we'll talk a little bit about what we offer and how we hope to help you in the future. 



About Noiiz

Noiiz gives you unlimited access to a huge library of royalty free sounds, including Samplephonics' entire sample pack catalogue, plus an incredible selection of new Creators.


You can sign up to an unlimited account and download as many sounds as you like, with no restrictions. If you choose to cancel your account, we're OK with that. You'll still keep your royalty free licenses for all the sounds you have downloaded, for life. 


You can also install the Noiiz plugin. This allows you to access Noiiz's entire sound archive from within your DAW, audition loops in time and in key with your project, then drag and drop them on to an audio track. Everything between the website and the plugin stays entirely in sync, so you can access downloads, favourites, or custom folders from any device, anywhere.





The Democratisation of Sound

One of the reasons we developed Noiiz was to help make the music making process more affordable and more accessible for everyone. Up until now, having vast amounts of world class content from the top sound designers and musicians has been extremely expensive. We don't think that's right, so we're opening up access to over $10k in content for a fraction of the price and bringing some of the world's greatest sound artsts to Noiiz.



Helping You Connect

We have always seen sampling as a kind of offline collaboration between the artists who make the samples and the artists who make them their own. With Noiiz, our aim is to create a platform where you can easily share content with the world and simultanesouly access incredible content from other artists. The internet was made for collaborating and we're excited about what this means for music production.



The Future

This is just the beginning. From here onwards we are dedicated to providing the tools and technology to enable artists from all over the world to collaborate in new and exciting ways, to break down the barriers that sit between your creative mind and your music output, to create fair, open and honest pricing models that don't lock out the majority of people who want to make music and, most of all, to make music fun!


We hope you will join us on this journey and we can't wait to explore the future of music with you!